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Physics Quiz 5

  • The instrument, which is used to measure the current flowing through a circuit is

    • Voltmeter
    • Ammeter
    • Ohm metre
    • Magnetometer
  • The magnetic permeability of free space is

    • 10^ -7 h/m
    • 4Ï€ * 10^7 h/m
    • (10^-7/4Ï€) h/m
    • 4/10^-7 h/m
  • Beta particles are

    • Neutrons
    • Protons
    • Electrons
    • Thermal neutrons
  • Which one of the following statements given below is not correct?

    • X-rays exhibit the phenomenon of interference
    • X-rays the gases through which they pass
    • X rays affect photographic plates
    • X rays are charged particles
  • Phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by

    • Madame Curie
    • Henri becquerel
    • Juliet Curie
    • Roentgen
  • Which falls down fastest in vacuum, a feather, a wooden or a steel ball?

    • Wooden ball
    • Feather ball
    • Steel ball
    • all will fall down at the same speed
  • Which is the normal body temperature of a human body?

    • 39.5 degree Celsius
    • 35.8 degree Celsius
    • 37.0 degree Celsius
    • 98.6 degree Celsius
  • A micron is equivalent to

    • 1/100 mm
    • 1/100 cm
    • 1/1000cm
    • 1/1000 mm
  • The temperature at which Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give the same reading?

    • 40° C
    • -40° C
    • 40° K
    • -40° K
  • Why do we prefer white clothes in summer?

    • They are poor absorbers and poor emmiters
    • They are good absorbers and poor emmiters
    • They are poor absorbers and good emmiters
    • None of these

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