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Physics Quiz 4

  • Instrument used to measure the radioactivity is

    • Geiger counter
    • Radio compass
    • Radio micrometre
    • RADAR
  • The instrument used to test the purity of milk is

    • Galvanometer
    • Calorimeter
    • Lactometer
    • Polarimeter
  • The velocity of a freely falling body is

    • Decrease
    • Increases
    • Remains constant
    • May increase or decrease
  • Momentum of a moving body depends upon

    • it’s mass alone
    • Its velocity alone
    • both it’s mass and velocity
    • neither mass nor velocity
  • Which of the following is a proper sequence of colors increasing order of wavelength?

    • Green – Orange – Indigo
    • Red- Green – Indigo
    • Voilet – Blue – Red
    • Blue – Green – Yellow
  • Least distance of distinct vision is nearly equal to

    • 1 metre
    • 0.25 metre
    • 0.5 metre
    • 0.2 metre
  • Electromagnetic waves are of

    • Electric in nature
    • Magnetic in nature
    • Longitudinal in nature
    • Transverse in nature
  • Land and sea breeze are due to

    • Conduction of heat
    • Convection of heat
    • Conversion of heat
    • Radiation of heat
  • If sound persist even after its source has stopped producing sound, then its called

    • Forced vibration
    • Reverberation
    • Free vibration
    • Resonance
  • Which one of the following is the mode of heat transfer in which form material is transported so as to displays a cooler material?

    • Conduction only
    • Convection only
    • Radiation
    • Both conduction and convection

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