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Physics Quiz 2

  • Sunspots are

    • The mountain found on the surface of the sun
    • The dark patches having less temperature than the normal surface
    • Ionized gas found near the solid surface
    • The magnetic storms on the surface of the Sun
  • The radiation with highest energy is

    • UV
    • IR
    • X-ray
    • Visible
  • Which of the following actions will double the period of a simple pendulum?

    • Double the length of the pendulum
    • Double the mass of the bob
    • Make the mass of the bob two times greater
    • Make the pendulum four times long
  • What make the hair of shaving brush cling together when removed from water?

    • Viscosity
    • Surface tension
    • Cohesion
    • None of these
  • Centripetal force needed to keep the moon in its Orbit around the Earth is provided by

    • Gravitational pull of sun
    • Gravitational pull of Earth
    • Rotation about its own axis
    • None of these
  • Bats can fly in the dark without hitting anything because

    • They are flying mammals
    • They are guided by Ultrasonic waves produced by them
    • Their night vision is good
    • No scientific reason
  • As a person moves closer to plane mirror the size of image formed by the mirror

    • Increases
    • Decreasing
    • First increases then decreases
    • Remains the same
  • Primary colours are

    • Red, blue and yellow
    • Blue, green and yellow
    • Green, red and yellow
    • Red, blue and green
  • Pyrometer is used to measure

    • Low temperature
    • High pressure
    • High temperature
    • Low pressure
  • For the general measurement of temperature which of the below thermometers are used?

    • Mercury thermometer
    • Vapour pressure thermometer
    • Resistance thermometer
    • Radiation thermometer

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