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Physics Quiz 1

  • The most basic of all test instruments is the

    • Multimeter
    • Ohm meter
    • Cathode ray oscilloscope
    • Galvanometer
  • The energy gap of diamond is

    • 1.7 electron volt
    • 2.6 electron volt
    • 10 electron volt
    • 5.47 electron volt
  • The positron is called the antiparticle of electron because it

    • has opposite charge
    • Has same mass
    • anihilates with an electron
    • collides with an electron
  • The radioactive decay follows

    • N = No e^at
    • N = No e^at2
    • N = No e^-at
    • N = No e^-a2t
  • Gamma Rays can be detected by passing them through

    • Electric field
    • Magnetic field
    • Electric and magnetic fields
    • Scintillation counter
  • Magnetron is used for the production of

    • X-rays
    • Cathode rays
    • Positive rays
    • Microwaves
  • The intensity of an earthquake is measured with a

    • Barometer
    • Hydrometer
    • Polygraph
    • Seismograph
  • Which of the following functions is performed by a photocell?

    • It converts light energy into electrical energy
    • It converts magnetic energy into electrical energy
    • It converts chemical energy into electrical energy
    • it converts electrical energy into light energy
  • Alternating current is converted into Direct current by

    • Rectifier
    • Dynamo
    • Transformer
    • Motor
  • The fuse wire is made up of

    • Copper
    • Tungsten
    • Lead tin alloy
    • Nichrome

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