Important Scientific names of Animals

  • Chiroptera is the scientific name of which of the following animal?

    • Crocodile
    • Bat
    • Fox
    • Horse
  • Panthera leo is the scientific name of

    • Cheetah
    • Tiger
    • Leopard
    • Lion
  • Scientific name of Jaguar is

    • Penthera pardus
    • Panthere tigris
    • Panthera leo
    • Panthera onca
  • Scientific name of Cat is

    • Felis catus
    • Giraffa horidus
    • Chirotera
    • Homosempian
  • What is the scientific name of Fly?

    • Equus asinus
    • Diptera
    • Anura ranidae
    • DipteraMusca Demostica
  • Anura ranidae is the scientific name of

    • Naja naja
    • Frog
    • Fox
    • Dolphin
  • What is the scientific name of Horse?

    • Anura ranidae
    • Musca Demostica
    • Equus ferus caballus
    • Equus asinus
  • Scientific name of Fox is

    • Homosempian
    • Equus vulpes
    • Musca Demostica
    • Equus familiaris
  • Bubalus bubalis is the scientific name of

    • Buffalo
    • Rabit
    • Leopard
    • Dog
  • What is the scientific name of Cobra?

    • Buffalo
    • Naja naja
    • Leopard
    • Bat

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