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Important scientific names of fruits with pictures-list with English and Hindi Names

Here is the list of most important scientific names of fruits along with English and Hindi names. We also added images of the birds because as you know “A picture is worth a thousand words”. You can also play quiz of this article from here (Coming Soon) and you can also watch the video from here in which we […] More

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Important scientific names of Animals with pictures-list with English and Hindi Names

1. Ass/Donkey Hindi – गधा Scientific – Equus asinus 2. Horse Hindi – घोड़ा Scientific – quus ferus caballus 3. Bear Hindi – भालू Scientific – Ursidae 4. Bat Hindi – चमगादड Scientific – Chiroptera 5. Panda Hindi – पांडा Scientific – Ailuroponda melanoleuca 6. Buffalo Hindi – भेंस Scientific – Bubalus bubalis 7. Dog […] More

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