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Important scientific names of Birds with pictures-list with English and Hindi Names

Here is the list of most important scientific names of Birds along with English and Hindi names. We also added images of the birds because as you know “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

You can also play quiz of this article from here and you can also watch the video from here in which we tell you how to learn these difficult scientific names easily with #1 tricks created by (Video language – written in both English and Hindi languages and mostly explained in Hindi language).

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1. Cock/Hen

Hindi – मुर्गा

Scientific – Gallus gallus domesticus

2. Crane

Hindi – सारस

Scientific – Gruidae

3. Crow

Hindi – कौवा

Scientific – Corvus

4. Cuckoo

Hindi – कोयल

Scientific – Cuculidae

5. Pigeon, Dove

Hindi – कबूतर

Scientific – Columbidae

6. Duck

Hindi – बत्ख

Scientific – Anas platyrhynchos

7. Eagle

Hindi – चील

Scientific – Aquila

8. Brain fever

Hindi – पपीहा

Scientific – Hierococcyx varius

9. Kingfisher

Hindi – राम चिरैया

Scientific – Alcedinidae

10. Mynah

Hindi – मैना

Scientific – Acridotheres tristis

11. Nightingale

Hindi – बुलबुल

Scientific – Luscinia megarhynchos

12. Ostrich

Hindi – शुतरमुर्ग

Scientific – Struthio camelus

13. Owl

Hindi – उल्लु

Scientific – Strigiformes

14. Parrot

Hindi – तोता

Scientific – Psittaciformes

15. Peacock

Hindi – मोर

Scientific – Pavo cristatus

16. Quail

Hindi – बटेर

Scientific – Coturnix coturnix

17. Sparrow

Hindi – गौरेया चिड़िया

Scientific – Passeridae

18. Swan

Hindi – हंस

Scientific – Cygnus

19. Vulture

Hindi – गीद्ध

Scientific – Cathartidae

20. Woodpecker

Hindi – कठफोडवा

Scientific – Picidae

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